Fun Gym

This event happens every Friday**

  • Children ages 6 & Up

  • $20 per participant, $15 for siblings

  • 6:30pm-9:00pm 

  • Pizza & Drinks are included.

  • There is water available all night.

Parents will drop off their children at 6:30, there is additional parking in the back of the gym, and come in & sign their children in. Our sign in sheets do require a parent or guardian phone number.  

Ages 5 & under will require a parent or guardian to be present at all times. 

All participating students are required to have a waiver on file. The waiver that we use is at the bottom of the page to download and bring in or you can fill out ours at the gym. We re-do waivers every August, but we keep them on file for a year, so if you have been to a birthday party, church event, or fun gym, within the past year you are covered. 

The gym is open for all guests to play & have free range of obstacles. This way they are able to explore on a time line that works for them. There is GaGa Ball Court is set up too, so they are able to enjoy that with friends. 

**Check Calendar or Facebook for Dates the Gym is Closed**


Click on a file to download.

Waiver For FG (docx)DownloadP